Paintings for Temples & Homes

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The paintings in this collection vary from individual items for home or temple use, to sets of, in one instance, 12 paintings on scrolls for
temple use. Thei ages vary but we are unable to date them precisely. Some were used. Picture img0008 for instance had been used on a home altar
with the glass in frot of it having a circle cut out so the deity’s face was not covered. The burning of incense over the year gave the face its dark colour.

img0010 img0011 img0012 img0013 img0014 img0015 img0016 img0017 img0018 img0019 img0020 img0021 img0022 img0025 img0026 img0027 img0028 img0029 img0030 img0001 img0002 img0003 img0004 img0005 img0006 img0007 img0008 img0009