Opera Costumes

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Teochew Opera Costumes

The costumes shown here were purchased from a Singapore paper shop during the 1970s. They are sample costumes, kept in the shop for potential buyers to
select details from. These details and other instructions such as measurements and colour were then send to the manufacturers in China for production.
Photo img0019 shows a costume jacket and a detail of that costume and the label of its manufacturer.

img0001 img0002 img0003 img0004 img0005 img0006 img0007 img0008 img0009 img0010 img0011 img0012 img0013 img0014 img0015 img0016 img0017 img0018 img0019 img0019detail img0019signature img0020 img0023 img0024 img0025 img0026 img0027detail img0028 img0029


Teochew Opera Costume Accessories

img0030 img0031 img0032 img0033