Mixed Technique Celestial Figures & Animals

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Animals in Mixed Technique

These animals were used as part of a diorama at special festivals. Some are claimed to have been used at a competition exhibition on Beach Road in Singapore during the late 1950s.
The paper shops brought their best items out to vie for the patronage of temple authorities for the coming year.

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Mixed Technique Celestial Figures

These figures date from the 1930s and show considerable craftsmanship. At about 30cm in height, each figure was made up from easily 100 or more parts. From the mud head to papier machee hands, the costume was made up from silk, cotton and wool, with gold and silver thread and strips adding luster. This group would have been used in dioramas, where scenes of the classics were portrayed. They are among the finest examples of craftsmanship in the collection.

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8 Immortals on Birds

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Mixed Technique Figures (c. 1960)

New, in the context of these items, is what they were when they were purchased. That was in the period 1975 – 1980., when they were already too old to sell. So they are now in excess of 30 years old. Even if they are not as elaborate as the older version of figurines in mixed technique, they certainly do not lack craftsmanship and charm all their own. I purchased these items so as to show the development in construction of them. A slowly diminishing degree of craftsmanship. I am still to find out if these items were made in Singapore or were imported from China. I believe it is the latter, at least where the assemblage is concerned.

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