Incense Figures, 3d Heads, Puppets

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Heads in 3D

Some of these heads have actually been used at a festival where, at the end of that festival, they were supposed to have been burned. The paper shop proprietor found this such a shame to do that, before burning time came, he dismantled them from the effigies and saved them. It was years alter that I purchased them.

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These small (c12cm) puppets were used in dioramas or as decorations on funerary and other occasions. They were placed on bamboo sticks for insertion in large joss sticks or other materials.

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Incense Figures

Incense powder was used to make, aside of large or small sticks, also figurines or even animals. These were lit to smoulder away during the festival. They are made of incense material but often mounted on a wooden stand. Paper cuts are also used to symbolise wings, fins or other, thin items. There are very few pieces in the collection since all I could find was of recent manufacture and of medium quality. They are in the collection only as examples of this type of offering. Being fragile, some of the items may need some restoration. Some of the very large incense or joss sticks have been seen slowly burning away over a period of 3 or 4 days, the duration of the festival. No such big items were collected.

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