This title has been released in October 2015 and found a favourable reception.

This 327 page , hard cover book (with dust jacket), published by Kowhai Media, contains 500 early NZ picture postcards

An introduction by Leo Haks shows the value of picture postcards as a socio-historic and archival tool.
Colleen Newton Dallimore was responsible for the research, writing of captions and chapter introductions.
Alan Jackson contributed: ‘Early History of the Picture Postcard in New Zealand’ and a considerable number of postcards from his collection.

The book spans a 25 year period from 1897, when the first NZ picture postcard was published, until 1922 and includes early Maori images and the Golden period (1903 – 1910) of the picture postcard. The 1906 ‘NZ International Exhibition in Christchurch’, Antarctic Exploration, major infrastructural projects and WW1 are among some of the important historical developments represented.

Though the postcards date from 1897 onward to 1922, the images on these postcards are by no means all reflecting that period only. Photography had been known and used in New Zealand from the 1850s and many of the photographs were taken well before the end of that century. A 1858 view of Dunedin, portraits of Maori from the 1860s and many other subjects from the 1870s and especially the 1880s are found in this book.

There are 4 broad chapters: ‘The Way we Were’, ‘The Great Outdoors’, ‘The Fat of the Land’ and ‘The Building of a Nation’. The book explores important and sometimes random aspects within the respective chapter headings.

Post Marks is distributed in New Zealand by Potton & Burton. In Nelson  RRP NZ$69.99.



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